ADPRO On-site Training

Xtralis Security On-site Training Request Form

The standard courses offered on-site are the full Xtralis Accreditation level courses. These require us to bring a lot of equipment to your site because of the focus on practical hands-on work.

The minimum charge for up to 6 participants is £775 + VAT per day plus travel and accommodation as required. Additional participants will be charged at £125 + VAT per day.

    Training Requirements

    Which course would you like to request?*

    How many staff will attend this course? (Max. 10)

    Your location

    Where do you wish to hold the training?

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    Contact details of the person for Xtralis training staff to liaise with:

    Your facilities

    About the proposed training room:

    To train 10 of your staff we need a room with a minimum floor area of 36 m2 or 24 m2 for 6 staff. The room shape should be a square or slightly rectangular. Is a suitable room available at this site?

    Can the desks be arranged in a U shape or is there a large table available? *

    To prepare for a prompt start on the training day, if required we may need access to the room from 3 PM the day before to setup the equipment and the ability to secure the room overnight. Is this possible? *

    Does the room have multiple power sockets near the desks for laptop computers and the Xtralis training equipment? *

    Is the room equipped with a suitable projector and screen for the trainer to present to the participants? *

    Is the room equipped with wireless internet access without corporate restrictions that may be used to access the Xtralis websites by participants and the Xtralis Trainer? *

    It is assumed that the requesting organisation will organise lunch and tea/ coffee facilities for the course attendees and the Xtralis Trainer. Will you be arranging the catering? *

    When would you like the training to be carried out? Please specify 3 possible dates (due to setup on the afternoon before the training day, please do not request a Monday for the training)